I love to be inspired by words. I’m a huge sucker for those “feel good” words of wisdom etched onto tacky placards and do-it-yourslf wall stickers.  You’ll find evidence of this in almost every room of my house — on walls, book shelves and desktops, and stuck to the front door of the fridge (with a fridge magnet that reminds me to “Seize the Day.”)

Seize the Day

So I’m still in the process of decorating my spare-bedroom-turned-jewelry-design-studio, and while on the hunt for some art glass to add to my growing collection I found this PERFECT wall stencil. (Love you Hobby Lobby.)

Make each day your masterpiece
I finally got around to getting the stencil up on the wall today and I’m kind of lovin’ it. It will be the first thing I see as I enter my “studio” to escape into my newly-discovered world of jewelry making! WHEE! Okay, so I know it’s just a corny quote, but it’s all about creating an experience in that room. A feeling. A place to escape the computer, the TV — the noise of my everyday life and just BE CREATIVE.

What about you? What inspires you to create? Is it a particular color or a type of music playing in the background that conjures up your creative muse? I’d love to know. Tell me about it in the comments below — or better yet, snap  a picture and send it to me!

Here are a few more of the “words of wisdom” I have scattered around my house.

Life is measured

A good reminder. This one is posted above the doorway in my office.

Lifes short

Yes. It. Is.

Growing old

You’re never too old to play.