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This week Nancy’s food pairing for the Ripasso is perfect for fall. With sweet and sour flavors, the fresh dish is the perfect complement for the Italian vino — with its delicious aromas of dark chocolate, fig, cherry and plum.

Raisin, Grape, Pomegranate and Honey Chutney*

apple cakes
2 Cups Golden Raisins

2 Cups Halved Red or Green Grapes

1 Cup Pomegranate Seeds

1 Cup Chopped Granny Smith Apples (skin on)

½ Cup Chopped Roasted Almonds

½ Cup Honey

Juice and Zest of Two Limes

¼ Cup Reduced Pomegranate Juice (Made by reducing 1 Cup Pomegranate Juice down to ¼ Cup)

Step One
Toss the raisins, grapes, pomegranate seeds, apples and almonds together in a bowl.

Step Two
Whisk the honey, zest and juice and pomegranate juice together in another bowl. Add the honey mixture to the fruit, set aside to let the flavors meld for 30 minutes before serving with the sweet potato apple cakes and roasted pork loin that has been rubbed with ground cumin, ground fennel, salt and pepper before roasting.

Sweet Potato Apple Cakes*

3 TB Extra Virgin Olive Oil, divided

½ Tsp Cumin Seeds

½ Tsp Fennel Seeds

½ Cup Minced, Peeled Apples (Jonathan, McIntosh, Empire)

2/3 Cup Minced, Peeled Raw Sweet Potato

1 Tsp Sea Salt

3 Medium Baking Potatoes, Cooked, Peeled and Grated

1/3 Cup Chopped Cilantro

¼ Cup Cornmeal

Step One
Sauté the cumin and fennel seeds in 1 TB of the olive oil until they pop. Add the apples, sweet potato and salt to the pan and cook and stir over high heat for 2-3 minutes. Set aside and let cool.

Step Two
Add the grated potatoes, cilantro and cornmeal to the mixture. Form into 6 cakes and place in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

Step Three
Saute in 2 TB Canola Oil until browned. Finish cooking or holding in the oven.