We dug out our Wii Fit-after last week–after a 236 day break. I know the exact number of days it’s been because there’s a woman who lives inside the machine who keeps track of all every single thing you do (and don’t do). She’s part of the reason I stopped getting on that balance board. I couldn’t stand hearing her exclaim “Ohhh!” every time I stepped on!

So it was nice of her to remind me how long it had been since I promised myself I would use Wii Fit every day. Yes. I know how long it’s been. And yes, thank you for letting me know “your weight is different from the last time…would you like to continue?” Yes. I. Would. Thank you.

Anyway, point being, we’re using it again — in honor of the Olympics, I suppose. Encouraged by all those perfectly-fit bodies, I knew it was time to get back on track.

I had forgotten how good my husband was at every single Wii activity or game. He kicks my ass at everything from hula hooping to archery to yoga. All he has to do is play it once, and he’s a master. It’s mind-boggling.

Except…in Wii Basketball, I take the Gold…every single time! I’m a rockstar!

olympics collage

You think they’ll make it an Olympic sport one day?