I’m in love. It’s that sweet kind of love that makes your heart swell. The kind you want to share with the world. The kind of love that makes break into a stupid grin at the most random moments –as though you are keeping the most delicious secret.

I was quite unprepared for the immediate wave of emotion that washed over me the first time saw her. And every day since she entered my life.

The last time I felt this kind of immediate, intense love was more than 18 years ago. It was late in the night when he came into my life. Sweet and warm.  The moment I saw his face, the world simply fell away. Pressing him close to me,  I knew that he had my heart forever. Just as the three who came before him did.

Being a mother has always been my most treasured role in life. I was 19 years old the first time I felt all those wonderful warm emotions that come with motherhood. I remember looking into the eyes of my first child and thinking “You are gorgeous! Are you really mine?”

Eleven days ago, I was swept back in time. With the arrival of our first grandchild, I was reminded at how deeply you can love a new person. This brand new being has already reeled me in. With her baby soft hair and sweet breath, I’m captivated by her.

During the months that we awaited the arrival of our granddaughter, friends who are already in “the club,” have shared the many perks of this new role. The typical “You can spoil them and sent them home,” kind of stuff. But, no one prepared me for this wash of emotion. This feeling of deja vu. This crazy “over the moon” love I felt the minute I laid eyes on her. The amazing feeling of wanting to protect her forever.

It’s kind of overwhelming – in a wonderful kind of way.

I emailed a fellow grandmother friend the other day with “I am overwhelmed with this new feeling of being a grandmother. Can’t even explain it.”

She replied with, “You don’t have to explain because I totally know! Over the moon. A friend of mine who was a grandma before me said, just you wait. And until I experienced it, I had no idea.”

And that’s it: I. Had. No. Idea!

Love at first sight.  It exists.