Did you know that today, August 22, is officially “Random Acts of Kindness Day in Georgia”? Yes, indeed… it is. Governor Nathan Deal even proclaimed it so.

So this morning, my friend Wendy, jumpstarted the day by performing a random act of kindness–and she didn’t even know she was actively participating in an actual event! (That’s because she’s naturally kind-hearted… soooo…”)

I had mentioned to Wendy just yesterday that I was learning how to make beach glass jewelry to add to my jewelry collection. I told her about this  VERY kind shop owner on Etsy who went over-and-above by sharing not only instructions on how to make the pendants, but she also included a finished pendant and a half-finished pendant in my order so I could see one completed pendant and then I could finish the other one! How crazy is that?

How often do you see people go out of their way for a mere $7 order?

I can tell you my theory: The woman is passionate about what she does and is excited to share that with others. That’s it. No secret.

Anyway, back to Wendy’s random act of kindness. So this morning, she brings me three jars of glass. Beautiful glass and tumbled rocks I could use for my new projects–and said “pick anything!” I have been grinning all day (and it started out as kind of a crappy day…). Thank you , Wendy.


Amazing how one small act of thoughtfulness can make a person’s day.

How are you going to celebrate “Random Acts of Kindess Day”?

“If we all do one random act of kindness daily, we just might set the world in the right direction.” 

– Martin Kornfeld