This is me.

Most of what you’ll find on this site involves something good: Good Food. Good Wine. Good Fun. Think of it as a “Life’s too short to drink bad wine” kind of place.

The writings are a mishmash of meanderings–a collection of things to do, see, taste and experience. It’s just LIFE stuff. Ramblings, mostly.

So who am I? This is me.

Wife.  Married to the greatest man in the world makes this “job” pretty easy. He’s the better half.

Mother. For more than 30 years now. Huh? Hard to believe I even wrote that. My four children are my greatest accomplishments. The older they get, the more I like them.

Grandmother. A brand new role that has taken hold of my heart like a vice. Pretty much the coolest thing ever.

Writer Ever since Mr. Davis, my 6th grade English teacher  Mr. Davis, wrote (in red pen, I might add) “Great writing!” on my essay “Travels of a Quarter.”

Business owner (my day job). I get paid by some very nice clients. I only work with nice clients. Truly. They have to sign a paper that guarantees their niceness.

Feel free to pull up a chair and come along for the journey!

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