I Was Robbed

I was robbed of time

Yesterday I woke up in a great mood. And then I was robbed.

This is the truth in life: If you’re lucky, you wake up every day. That’s it. Well, on this particular day, I woke up feeling extra zippy–with a lovin’ life kind of feeling. I was well-rested and ready to mark another day off the calendar of my empty nest, now-I-live-in-the-city life.

Outside my window, children giggled on their way to the bus stop. Birds sang their chorus loudly, competing with the jackhammers and chainsaws doing their dance on the house under construction across the street. The day ahead seemed so bright.

And then…it was gone.

The assault occurred mid morning. Music playing in the background, I was powering through my Tuesday to-dos when the first text arrived. A harmless “Morning” text that I promptly replied with “Good morning! How are you?”  My cheery text response was met with some obligatory niceties and then… it went downhill. Without going into details of the who, the what and the why of the texting marathon, let’s just say a heated “discussion” via text escalated to ALL CAPS and left me feeling shaky and sad. And mad. But mostly, mad.

At myself.

Replying to the angry text messages was basically the equivalent of handing a bat to a home invader and saying “have at it.” With each typo-ridden message I sent, I was giving the recipient permission to continue. I was allowing that person to abscond with my happy day. But you know how it is when you’re right, right?

It’s unrealistic to think that I’ll never face conflict. Yes, I will piss someone off again. Probably sooner than later. And someone will probably make me angry, again. But when that happens, I am determined to react in a way that is kinder–to myself. Right or wrong, I will take a step back before letting conflict rob me of time, energy – happiness. With more years behind me than ahead of me, the clock is ticking louder, and I’m the only one that can determine what will fill those moments.


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